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Online registration for intramural events is no longer offered. Registration must done through the Intramural and Club Sports office in G-03 of the Sports Center.

Registration for Intramural events may be done up until the entry deadline. Entries are accepeted in the office Monday through Friday between 10 am and 4 pm. Entry fees and registration form must be submitted when registering. Entry fees may be paid in the form of cash, check or Eaglebucks. REGISTRATION FORMS LEFT UNDER THE DOOR WILL BE DISCARDED.

A registration form must be downloaded from this site.

All information must be filled out on the registration form legibly. All team names are subject to approval by the Intramural and Club Sports office. Team names are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

Teams must leave at least half of the available game times open when registering in order to provide flexibility in the scheduling of games. Teams will be scheduled based on the availability that they provide on their registration form. If a team cannot play a specific date due to academic, organziational, or religous conflict this must be noted on the registration form prior to the entry deadline. Teams that follow this procedure will not be scheduled on that date. Teams not following the procedure may have a game scheduled on the conflicted date.


Do you want to play, but can't find a team to join. That's okay. We'll make a team for you. Stop by the Intramural Office and sign-up on our free agent list. Pay your $5 to join the free agent team. Once we get enough people to make a team, we'll create it. If we don't get enough people, we'll help to find you a team on which to play.


A waiver must be completed and signed by EACH intramural participant prior to competing in EACH Intramural sport. A waiver may be found below and turned in to the Intramural and Club Sports office.

Participants must submit a waiver for each sport in which they participate.
A participant will not be allowed to play without a waiver form on-file. A waiver form for flag football will not allow a participant to play volleyball.


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