Sept. 29, 2014


Committee on College and Pre-College Russian CCPCR's 30th Year! 1984-2014

Collection of Pre-college data and posting of this and last year's results now in progress!

Fall 2013 Data Entry for colleges and universities STILL in progress--you can add your program's missing data!

Over 80 programs have responded this year and last year.

2012 enrollment info for over 80 colleges and universities is still available--just click on the appropriate link below.


What is CCPCR?
THE FALL 2013 college & unversity CENSUS is now underway! PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR DATA if you haven't done so yet!

Still posting fall 2012 census data!

Fall 2013 Online Pre-College Census Data Entry Form-- (Click Here)

State by State CCPCR PRE-College Census List: 2012 & 2013 data now being updated. . (Click link above to see your school and each state's data for 2011 and earlier and to get teacher e-mail links)


Websites: Good sites to surf for helpful materials and info for your classes


COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY ENROLLMENTS for Fall 2013. Click Here to see this and previous years' numbers!
Also Featured : listing of 1st & 2nd yr offerings in Slavic and EE languages other than Russian at the college level.

To e-mail your college enrollment or summer program information to CCPCR, select this link: Send ENROLLMENT AND PROGRAM INFORMATION to CCPCR


Summer 2014 Programs in the US in Russian, other Slavic, and EE Languages

Pre-College Census Totals

The 2011 CCPCR/AATSEEL PRE-COLLEGE TEACHER ADDRESS LIST -- plus ACTR and Olympiada addresses. New! All e-mail addresses provided as active links!

1st & 2nd year College Russian textbooks in use: AY 2013-2014 (responses from 60+ programs!)

FEATURED Pre-College Program: TBA

Terminated Pre-college Programs 1998-Present

Textbooks in Use: a list of titles and totals for each text used by pre- college schools


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