Nov. 07, 2015


Committee on College and Pre-College Russian CCPCR's 31st Year! 1984-2015

Collection of Pre-college data for Fall 2015 now in progress!

Posting of Fall 2015 Enrollments in Russian and other Slavic and East European languages at colleges and universities now underway!

96 colleges and universities responded last year.

Enrollment info for these institutions is now available via the link below.


What is CCPCR?
CENSUS is now underway! PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR DATA if you haven't done so yet!

Fall 2015 Online Pre-College Census Data Entry Form (Click Here)

State by State CCPCR PRE-College Census List: 2014 and previous years)


Websites: Good sites to surf for helpful materials and info for your classes


COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY ENROLLMENTS for Fall 2014 now in progress. Click Here to see this and previous years' numbers!
Also Featured : listing of 1st & 2nd yr offerings in Slavic and EE languages other than Russian at the college level.

To e-mail your college enrollment or summer program information to CCPCR, select this link: Send ENROLLMENT AND PROGRAM INFORMATION to CCPCR


Summer 2015 Programs in the US in Russian, other Slavic, and EE Languages

Pre-College Census Totals

The CCPCR AATSEEL PRE-COLLEGE TEACHER ADDRESS LIST -- plus ACTR and Olympiada addresses. New! All e-mail addresses provided as active links!

1st & 2nd year College Russian textbooks in use: AY 2013-2014 (responses from 60+ programs!)

FEATURED Pre-College Program: TBA

Terminated Pre-college Programs 1998-Present

Textbooks in Use: a list of titles and totals for each text used by pre- college schools


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