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Entry Date School Name Teacher Phone Fax Textbooks
23 April 02 Center for Int'l Studies Trudy Ringer, Shagane Bissett (913) 993-9600 (913) 993-9699

Face to Face 1
Nachalo 2
Faces and Voices
I Want to Speak Russian


K-8 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
6 6 4 0 15 4 0
Street City State Zip E-mail Total
6649 Lamar . Shawnee Mission KS 66204 31


We use a lot of TPR in all of our classes. Last year, Shagane Bisset (native) exclusively taught with TPR, but thisyear she is using Faces and Voices along with TPR. I am branching out from the textbook to use TPR never having been a great
fan of it, but the kids do learn and have fun doing it. I find the text,I want to Speak Russian, is very good for this