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TED case studies can and have been used in a variety of teaching and research applcations. Here are some examples of use. The TED Research Pages provides a forum for other research related to trade and environment (and other) issues. It depends and heavily uses TED case studies and their data.

TED Cases: Key Issues Across TED Cases

These analyses examine sets of TED case studies by coded criteria or groupings of cases. The point is to start aggregating sets of cases into larger aggregates. These reports combine individual case studies into clusters of analyses.

Simulation of International Trade and Environment (SITE) Project

The SITE Project proposes cases of trade, environment and cultureas the subjects for WTO dispute settlemtn cases. These simulations have judges and panels in a debate atmosphere that attempts to actualize the ideas of globalization with a legal framework.

Environment and Crime

Environmental issues are unfortunately increasingly linked to criminal activities as some resources have become either scarce or valuable.

Special Reports On Trade and Environment

These are a variety of papers that use or are issues related to TED case studies.

Breaking the Logjam on Trade and Environment: Supporting Materials


ICE Coded Data, 114 cases, in Excel

Here are the coded data for TED cases 1-649. The data set includes the directly coded TED data but also related data such as the GNP per capita of the country involved in the case. For an explanation of the categories go to ICE Meta-Data.



1. "The Effects on Non-Tariff Barriers on the Shipping Industry", by Constantino Halkias, Augsut, 2000.